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Premier Canvas: Printable Wide-Span Architectural Textile Concrete Ceiling Covering
AWAKE Track: Lightweight & Durable PVC Profile System for Fabric Ceilings and Walls
Audio Canvas & Soundpad: Premium Wide-Span Acoustic Fabric System
Studio Canvas: Bilateral & Printable Wide-Span Acoustic Fabric for Ceilings & Walls
AWAKE Spotlights: recessed lighting system for concrete ceilings
Lucid Canvas and Veil: Wide-span Translucent Fabrics for Luminous Ceilings & Walls
PONGS modern classic: SILENCIO acoustic fabric
PONGS - Fabric - Walls & Ceilings - Catalog
VECTA PROFILES: the hidden art of stretch ceiling & lighting design
VECTA KEY LIGHT: Ultra-Modern Recessed Linear Lighting & Ceiling System
VECTA Expo modular lighting ceiling system
VECTA Design Aluminum Profiles Catalog
VECTA Stretch Ceiling Color Collection 2019
VECTA Reference Catalog - is a collection of architectural marvels
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VECTA KEY LIGHT: Ultra-Modern Recessed Linear Lighting & Ceiling System

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AWAKE is a New York - based custom manufacturer of fabric ceilings, lighting solutions, and art prints. We design and supply luminous and acoustic fabric ceiling installations & specialty LED lighting for commercial and residential clients in North America. AWAKE carries the entire line of VECTA Design products. Contact us for more information:
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